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Entry Logic – As soon as the US Stock Exchange opens at 9:30 am EST (New York), SUN will begin to scan the prices in search for an entry pattern. When an opportunity arises, SUN will print an up arrow to signal a BUY or a down arrow to signal a SELL. The system will enter at a limit price and will stay with that position until the default target is achieved at a limit price, or there is a change in the signal, or the default stop has been triggered at the market price, or the FinalExit has been reached when the position will be closed out automatically at the market price. There are no overnight trades. 

Data - The system requires a minimum of 100 days of @ES.D 15 minute data.

Signals – The system generates about 3 signals per day. It has an almost equal number of long and short trades. 

Money Management Rules – The system allows the user to change the default settings and to redefine targets and stops according to his or her risk tolerance. 

TradeStation 9.1
Version 9.1 (Update 25)

There are 12 user-defined inputs, three of which are just switches.

1) ProfitTarget : The default value of $300 can be changed to suit the trader’s risk-return profile.

2) StopLoss : The default value of $600 can be changed to suit the trader’s risk-return profile.

3) NumberOfContracts : The default value is 1.

4) MaxProfitLossSwitch : The default is False. To set the MaxDailyProfit and MaxDailyLoss, switch to True.

5) MaxDailyProfit : This input allows the user to define the maximum profit per contract from all trades for the day. The maximum daily profit cannot be less than the ProfitTarget. Familiarize yourself with the impact this input has on the overall performance, especially when using multiple contracts. Please use this feature with great care, and remember to take brokers' commissions into account. The default value is $900 per contract.

6) MaxDailyLoss :This input allows the user to define the maximum loss per contract from all trades in the day. The maximum daily loss cannot be less than the StopLoss. Familiarize yourself with the impact this input has on the overall performance, especially when using multiple contracts. Please use this feature with great care, and remember to take brokers' commissions into account. The default value is $900 per contract.

7) TradeCounterSwitch :​ The default is False. Switch to True to specify the maximum number of trades per day via the TradePerDay input.

8) TradesPerDay : The default is set at 6 trades. To specify the maximum number of trades per day, set the TradesCounterSwitch to True.

9) BreakEvenSwitch : The default is False. Switch to True to activate the BreakEvenPercent input.

10) BreakEvenPercent  : The default is 100. Set the BreakEvenSwitch to True before changing the default value to a lesser percent. This input allows the user to define the market level from entry point at which the stop would be moved up to the entry level for a breakeven trade. e.g. If the ProfitTarget is $300 and the BreakEvenPercent is set at 50, then when the market has moved three ES points or $150 in the direction of the ProfitTarget, the system will move the stop to breakeven.

11) StartTime : The default is 8:30 am CT when the New York Stock Exchange opens for the new day. To specify an earlier entry, please change the symbol from @ES.D (Regular Trading Hours) to @ES (Electronic Trading Hours).

12) EndTime : The default is 15:00 pm CT. This exit will coincide with the closing of the New York Stock Exchange. The latest time to exit should not exceed 16:00 pm CT. It is important to ensure that no position has been left open and carried into the overnight market inadvertently.

FORMAT SYMBOL - for Back Testing​ 

Symbol=@ES.D​ Interval=15 minutes

FORMAT SYMBOL - for Live Trading
Symbol=@ESxYY.D Interval=15 minutes
x= H (Mar), M (Jun), U (Sep), Z (Dec)  YY= year.
Example: @ESZ16.D for ES contract expiring in Dec 2016

DATA RANGE - 100 Days Back

Time Zone = Exchange
Important: The automatic FinalExit will only work correctly if this system is set to Exchange Time (i.e. CST - CME Chicago)

​Commission = $2.50 per Contract
Position Slippage = $0 per Contract*
Initial Capital = $7,500 per e-mini contract
Account Size = $15,000 per e-mini contract
Max number of bars study will reference = 50

* SUN's entry and exit orders are placed at limit prices. The only slippage that occurs is when stopped out or when the system exits at the end of the day. This slippage will vary between systems and between traders due to a variety of factors such as the type of order, the speed of your machine, the version of your trading platform, the bandwidth and latency of the network between your end and the Exchange, your place in the order queue, the volume on the opposite side of the trade, the speed of the market at that time, and the delay setting used to convert an unfilled limit order to a market order. All this requires fine-tuning on your part.
There are other factors, but the most important one to be aware of is this; in simulation trading, TradeStation judiciously records a trade as filled the moment the price is touched. In real life one may or may not get filled at that value. These trades are easy to recognize. They happen at the tops and bottoms of bars. The smaller the bar size used, the more of such occurrences. Naturally there will be a deviation in the overall performance of simulated trades versus real trades. The simulation will generally have a higher performance. 
Different traders suffer different amounts of slippage. The average slippage varies from period to period. e.g. month to month, quarter to quarter, and year to year. The number of trades of course has an impact too. If your target is small, you will be taking more trades. SUNN has been optimized for a target of $300 and a stop of $600 using 30 minute regular bars.  
If you continue to suffer excessive slippage, you should consider using a VPS*
*Virtual Private Server.

SET UP FOR AUTOMATION - Using one ES system in one Futures account
To automate SUN-ES change the chart symbol to @ESxYY.D
The amount of data required for trading need not be more than 1 year.
Next go to Format Strategies>Properties for all>Automation
Check the second Radio Button and the second and third small square boxes beneath it.

Check both the small squares under Stop Orders
Click OK

Check box for Generate strategy order for display in TradeManager's...
Check Automate execution using ...
Select your futures account number
Select account with confirmation Off
Close the window
Click File>New>Window
Select TradeManager Or select TradeManager from your side bar
The set up is now complete
Please trade at your own risk!


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SUN is a hedge-fund style day trading system for accredited professional traders.

It is traded everyday by the designer during Regular Trading Hours (RTH).

SUN was developed to catch the changing intra-day trends in the S&P 500 Equity Index E-mini Futures market based on a proprietary technique.

It can be used as an automatic trading system, or as a decision support system.


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