Entry Logic – As soon as the entry pattern has been recognized, a signal will appear at the start of the COMEX session at 5:00 p.m. Exchange Time (Chicago), with a market order. The system will stay with that position overnight, and if necessary, into the day session until the profit target has been reached, or the stop loss has been triggered, or the end of the trading day has been reached at 4.15 p.m. Exchange Time. The position will not carry forward into the next COMEX session. There will never be more than one trade per day.

Data - The system requires 1 year of @GC daily data.​

Signals – The system generates about 200 signals each year. About half of these are short trades, while the other half are long trades.

Money Management Rules – For best results, the stop for this system should be set at $1,250. This is the default setting. However, the user can change the stop according to his or her risk tolerance. Pyramiding is not recommended. Averaging up or down is not recommended. Doubling the position after an unsuccessful trade is not recommended.​

TradeStation 9.1
Version 9.1 (Update 12098)

There are three user-defined inputs.
1) ProfitAmount. The default value is $500, but can be changed to suit the trader’s risk-return profile.
2) StopAmount. The default value is $1,250 but can be changed to suit the trader’s risk-return profile.
3) NumberOfContracts. The default value is 1.


DATA RANGE  - 1 Year Back


Time Zone = Exchange Time (Chicago)

Commission = $2.50 per Trade
Position Slippage = $0 per Trade*
Initial Capital = $10,000
Account Size = $20,000
Max number of bars study will reference = 50
* Please use a limit order for entry instead of a market order, and an MIT (market-if-touched) order for profit targets.

Intra-day Peak to Valley = $10.8K
Trade Close to Trade Close = $7.6K
Max Trade Drawdown = $1,250

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Another favorite. A great strategy for a tough instrument to trade. J.T.

You wan't good edge? seek no more. Wan't to have an edge with about 85% wins? STAR-GC is it! Profit factor 1.50 for the last 6 years! Nicely rising equity curve :) – Jman

Great Calls. The directional calls the system generate are great near the open. You can work your order to get few points higher or lower depending on going short or long and that will increase success ratio up to 80%. The worst STAR GC can do is scratch on the trade or very small loss at the end of the day. – N

Great. This strategy is so creative and powerful. - C.C.H.

Another Gold mine here? One of the best strategy to trade besides the most popular Star ES system. - G.T.

Great trading strategy, been running for three months and profitable. - S.W.

​ E-mail us at info@starzbank.com  for details


​Star was developed to capture one small movement in the Gold Futures market per day. It is an easy system to trade because it just requires one bracket order at the start of COMEX, and no more monitoring till the close of COMEX.

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