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​STAR-ES is a trading system active during the Electronic Trading Hours. It was developed to capture one small sized movement in the S&P 500 Futures market, based on a proprietary technique. It can be used as a decision support system, or as a manual entry system requiring just one simple OCO type bracket order, or as a totally automated trading system requiring no user input whatsoever. The system trades just once a day.

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Very Good. I'm trading the strategy live since a while and its working very well! Outstanding support, in my opinion the best support you can find in the appstore! – WB.

Automatic Exit - This program is works fine. It would be helpful if the daily exit time was adjustable by the user i.e. 4:10 PM ET. - Stephen Eliades

Two Months - Been using for two months now and I'm very satisfied! T.Joe

Super product and awesome support. I've been using it for about a month now and I'm very happy with the results. – M.S.

Amazing results worth trying! - .T.

Great! Highly recommend this app! So far so good! - J.S.

Tried them all. All i can say is what I see, started April 3rd, 7- wins, 1-end of day close with little loss. As easy as it gets and makes money too. - P.M.4

Making Money $$$. The strategy is good. The developer also has outstanding service. I'm making money with this strategy.

I think that's the most important isn't it? Great system. A very good system, and does not need instant market orders to make money. I am in trial and was able to make money with delayed data!!! You can easily use limit orders and still make good money with STAR ES. - K.

Stiff drawdowns are what cause severe pain to the mind and pocketbook of the system trader. Far and away the Could be one of the top ES systems ever. Best feature of STAR-ES appears to be its indicated very tame drawdown profile. The super high 70%+ win percentage also is very beneficial psychologically. Great system from an astute developer! - E Trader.

Consistent Impressive Strategy. I am so impressed with this strategy! After testing countless strategies, this one delivers and performs well in the real market. The signals are consistently profitable and very often the default target is met. This is a winner!!!-  J.P.

Excellent systems. This system is very simple to implement, and the testing speaks for itself. I have been using it for a few weeks now, and I am very pleased. Also check out Sal's other systems, they are all amazingly consistent.The developer is outstanding in helping you get started, and he is very good about returning emails. You will not be disappointed with the customer service. - B.S. 

Great System. Been using the system since Nov 2o12. Works great, would recommend thanks Sal. - S.W.

Consistent Profits. 5 star ES day trade system to date. - A. 

Awesome System. I have been using for about 2 weeks and am a definite believer. - S.B.

A kind of magic. Very simple to use, no optimization needed, just 2 parameter: profit target and stop loss. This strategy give in back test mode Amazing result (almost 70% profitable) and it seems perfome very well also in real time. Highly recommended. Try it! - A.S.P

What You See is What You Get. I have been using Star-ES on a trial basis for 10 days and the results are real and speak for themselves. As a trader who uses TSSN, I value not only real time trading results but customer service and response to questions. I could not be happier with Sal and his team in their prompt response to my questions and trading questions. Highly recommended. Give it a trial. - R.N.

Money never sleeps, and neither did I until I found this system.  I am trial user of Star-ES and have started using it this week with a small position. This is a nice system that allows you to have your money working for you while taking a breather from the markets. You can easily setup a OCO order to babysit after the automated entry kicks in and log off for the evening. It has consistent results and even though the stop loss is set to 850, the average loss is much lower. That being said I would not advise you to trade it unless your risk tolerance is properly acclimated. Review the performance report, and make sure you are one board with the draw downs. I have yet to find a ES overnight system that is as simple to execute and monitor as this one, I highly recommend you give it a look. - J.B.

So far this is awesome. I'm in my trial period and so far I'm impressed with the results. 3 winners and no losers. Seems like a very sound system - A.R.

Remaining a Consistent Performer. Over the years I’ve both purchased and developed my own trading systems. They back test well and apparently promise great return with low drawdown but, more often than not, the methods begin to fail soon after I begin to trade them with real money. But I’ve been either paper or actually trading the STAR-ES system for 10 months now and it has so far stayed on course. It may not make you rich just trading one ES contract as some systems promise but it is producing steady monthly returns without the heartache of huge drawdowns and is a system I am very glad to have found. Thanks Sal!

Best ES System on TSSN. This is the best ES system on TSSN. 5 Stars all the way. Looking forward to Sun ES coming soon as described by developer, "will knock your socks off". - W.F.

Very good system. Been following this for awhile and it seems to consistently generate high-quality signals.-  B.S.

So far so good. I have been using this strategy for about three weeks and really like it because it's simple and it's making money. I like that all I have to do is leave it alone, because i can and will mess up any trade that i put on. thanks Sal.

Great System.  This strategy has a high win rate, consistent and is very easily traded. I like short term trading the ES. A great way to get started in trading. Two thumbs up!

This is a very nice strategy with excellent customer support.

I have been getting started with TradeStation, and after spending some time building my own strategies and backtesting them, thought I would look for some trials that might be better than mine. Most that I tried had issues, and the customer support was not good. Then by luck I came upon the Star ES system. Worked perfectly right out of the box, and my results convinced me to open a futures account and start SIM trading. Top notch customer support.Great Strategy. This is a really good strategy....consistently makes profitable trades when the signal fires. In the last issue of Futures Truth magazine, it was rated #6 out of hundreds of futures trading strategies. A futures broker whom I recently met with endorses it as well. - K.M.​

E-mail us at info@starzbank.com  for details



Entry Logic – As soon as the entry pattern has been recognized, a signal will appear immediately after the start of the Globex session at 5:00 pm CME Exchange Time in Chicago, Sunday to Thursday, with a market order. The system will stay with that position overnight, and if necessary, into the day session until the profit target has been reached, or the stop loss has been triggered. If neither of these trades have occurred, then the system will automatically exit the trade at 4:14 pm Exchange time just before the close of the CME. The position will not carry forward into the next Globex session.

Data - The system requires a double data chart.
Data1: At least three months of @ES 1 minute data.
Data2: At least three months of @ES daily data.

Signals – The system generates the signals using the bottom chart of the daily data, but shows the Buy and Sell arrows on the top chart of 1 minute bars. There about 100 signals each year, with an almost equal number of long and short trades.
Note: By default, the second chart is hidden, but can be made visible at Format Symbol>Scaling>Sub-graph>2

Money Management Rules – Automatic Mode
By default, the system will calculate its own profit target and stop loss dynamically for every new trade. This is the preferred mode.

Money Management Rules – Manual Mode
When switched to manual trading, the default profit target is $300 and the stop loss is $850. However, the trader can enter any amounts according to his or her risk tolerance.

TradeStation 9.1
Version 9.1 (Update 25)

There are six user-defined inputs.

1) LiveTrading. The default setting is TRUE.
Note: For back-testing, the setting should be changed to FALSE. In addition, the top chart should be changed from one minute to Daily. i.e. For back-testing, both top and bottom charts require Daily bars to enable over 15 years of data to be tested.

2) AutoProfitLoss. The default setting is TRUE.
Note: When set to TRUE, the system will calculate its own profit target and stop loss. To enter your own amounts, the setting should be changed to FALSE.

3) ProfitTarget. The default value is $300, but can be changed to suit the trader’s risk-return profile.
Note: The ProfitTarget is only activated when the AutoProfitLoss is set to FALSE.

4) StopLoss. The default value is $850, but can be changed to suit the trader’s risk-return profile.
Note: The StopLoss is only activated when the AutoProfitLoss is set to FALSE.

5) NumberOfContracts. The default value is 1.

6) Exit_Time. The default setting is 16:14 pm Exchange Time (same as Central Time - Chicago).
Note: The trader can set this to any time in intervals of one minute between 15:35 pm and 16:14 pm (Use this format 16:14 pm = 1614)

FORMAT SYMBOL for Live Trading
Interval=1 minute (top chart) and Daily (bottom chart)
x= H (Mar), M (Jun), U (Sep), Z (Dec)
YY= Year.
Example: @ESZ14 for ES e-mini contract expiring in Dec 2014

Minimum of 3 Months Back

Time Zone = Exchange Time*
* CME Exchange based in Chicago

Commission = $2.50 per Trade
Position Slippage = $0 per Trade*
Initial Capital = $10,000
Account Size = $15,000
Max number of bars study will reference = 50
* Based on manually placed limit order entries and exits.

Slippage is not directly related to the strategy. Several factors contribute to it such as the speed of your machine, the version of your trading platform, the bandwidth and latency of the network between your end and the Exchange, your place in the order queue, the volume on the opposite side of the trade, the velocity of the market at that time, and the delay setting used to convert an unfilled limit order to a market order. All this requires fine-tuning. There is always more slippage with automation, or when a stop is activated and a market order is triggered.There are other factors too, but the most important one to be aware of is this. In simulation trading, TradeStation judiciously records a trade as filled the moment the price is touched. In real life one may or may not get filled at that value. These trades are easy to recognize. They happen at the tops and bottoms of bars. The smaller the bar size used, the more of such occurrences. Naturally there will be a deviation in the overall performance of simulated trades versus real trades. The simulation will generally have a higher performance. The difference is still slippage, though in a another sense.Different traders will suffer different amounts of slippage. The average slippage varies from period to period. e.g. month to month, quarter to quarter, and year to year.For your back-testing, you may use half a tick per side order or one tick for a round-order.

Intra-day Peak to Valley = $6.2K