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Nice job today- really really good
called consolidation at the open and said price would reach globex high (it did). 

Sold globex high covered at open print low. Trailed when broke globex low and PLOD. I feel like you are my big brother teaching me how to trade. I always used these levels but you are taking me in a whole new dimension!
Thank you so much!                  

                                                     -  Ray

Dear Guru - You do an excellent job and your ethic in all regards is impeccable.

In fact, you don't have to trade to learn valuable life lessons from reading  your directives....                                                                                                   - Andy

The live text chat room (WarRoom) is used to post the real-time trades for scalping, day trading or position trading with approximate 1 point stop level.

The live trading room is to give you the skills and knowledge to help you become a consistently profitable trader. SP500Guru will provide a trading education service that will enable you to improved discipline and confidence.

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Perfect Timing for the Sure Trade.  

SP500 futures trading with approximate 1 point stop entry.


For 10/30 Friday live trading :

[12:17] ES12: cancel 2080.5 stop and go side line; new stop at 2082

[12:10:23] ES12: position short stop trailing at 2085

[11:01:26] ES12: timing 11:00 for pb

[08:51 ] ES12: stop at 2077.50, for buy side 2078.5 is entry, target 2076 (or 2092)

[04:00] ES12: stop trailing 2089.50 target 2082.50, 2074, 2067...

[02:16:35] ES12: gap will be filled