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SOLARIS is a multi-day swing  trading system developed for sophisticated traders to capture medium sized movements in the S&P 500 Futures market based on several proprietary techniques. It can be used as a decision support system or as an automatic trading system.


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Entry Logic – As soon as the entry pattern has been identified, a signal will appear at any time after  the market opens at 8:30 am Exchange Time (Chicago), with a market order. Under certain circumstances, SOLARIS will take an additional position. The system will stay with either the single position or the double position for several days, if necessary, until the profit target has been reached, or the stop loss has been triggered, or the position is reversed.

Data - The system requires at least one year of @ES.D daily data.

Signals – The system generates about 130 signals each year; it has an almost equal number of long and short trades.


Version 9.1 (Update 25)

There are three user-defined inputs.
1) NumberOfContracts.  The default is 1 pair.
2) ProfitTarget. The default value can be changed to suit the trader’s risk-return profile.
3) StopLoss. The default value can be changed to suit the trader’s risk-return profile.

FORMAT SYMBOL - for Back Testing
Interval=30 minutes

FORMAT SYMBOL - for Live Trading
Interval=30 minutes
x= H (Mar), M (Jun), U (Sep), Z (Dec)
YY= year.
Example: @ESZ15.D for ES contract expiring in Dec 2015

DATA RANGE  -  50 Days Back

DISPLAY - Time Zone = Exchange Time (Chicago)​

Commission = $2.50 per Share/Contract
Position Slippage = $0 per Trade*
Initial Capital = $50,000
Account Size = $50,000
Max number of bars study will reference = 50

* based on limit order entries and exits

To automate SOLARIS change the chart symbol to @ESxYY.D
The amount of data required for trading need not be more than 50 days
Next go to Format Strategies>Properties for all>Automation
Check the first Radio Button and the three small square boxes beneath it.
Check both the small squares under Stop Orders
Click OK

​​E-mail us at info@starzbank.com  for details


Nice Addition. Solaris is a great addition to my overall portfolio approach! – J.T.

Great system, either automated or using it's signals to help your trading technique. Sal's customer service is also top notch. – C.M.

Good System. Solid Swing System. Best when traded in same direction as the overall market. – SMR

Great system! It has had down days an up days, but ultimately what I like is annually Solaris is producing nicely rising equity curve :) Solaris is the Best swing Trading system you can have! Also, you will get another system for day Trading! Sal and Orchid are very good in this business and the customer service is By far the best. What I also like about these guys is that they work hard to improve there systems, like Solaris. I definitely recommend Solaris!! – J

Solaris good system and trade a short time, it make money for you. - CCH

Great System. I have been following the Solaris system since May and their win ratio is greater than 50%. Customer  service is superb. They get back to you

immediately and clearly explain everything – S.

Another great product. I use another one of Sal's programs also. Solaris is excellent for swing trading. Again, Sal's customer service is amazing also. - T.P.

Solid and Reliable. It's nice to have a system calculate and pick solid entries thereby completely taking the guesswork out of the equation. Solaris does that effortlessly and I can concentrate on other trades along the way. – T.J.

Customer service and responsiveness is the best ever - V.D.

Another Great Product. I use another one of Sal's programs also. Solaris is excellent for swing trading. Again, Sal's customer service is amazing also! - R.F.

Solid, Reliable. Reasonable profit targets (not greedy). Quick to end trade or change trend if circumstances warrant. This system should be in your computer. Extraordinary customer service makes the confidence level go up, as well. – F.T.

This works. I've run this for the last 6 months and it reliably makes money. I think there was only 1 loosing trade. HOWEVER, I recommend using it as I did: only during a bull or bear only only in that direction, not if the market it neutral. During the current bull I set the strategy tab's "Sell" to "Exit Only". This makes it only take long positions. – K.M.

Good results right form the start. Service and response form developer is outstanding. – D.D.

Solaris. Fantastic! At first I have to say that I had my doubts. But now I really think (after testing a lot of other systems and newsletters) Solaris is the best tool to tell you in which direction the markets are going!! Of course, like everything in Trading, nothing predicts the future always! But Solaris can give you a really good egde! So just be ready for losses too as well as to receive huge profits! :)vSolaris is a must to have. With both Day traders, Swing traders. For example day trade in the direction of Solaris. - JMAN

I like What I see. I have been following the Solaris system for about 2 months now and so far I like what I see. The best part is their friendly and knowledgeable customer service. Their response time is amazing and their directions are written in plain English so anyone can understand. Good system. Is recommended to try! - .M

Good results right form the start. Service and response form developer is outstanding - d.d.

Good results so far. Recommended. - W-Y.E.L

It is difficult enough to find someone you can trust in this business. The support and trust in the Starz group is without measure. I have been monitoring the Solaris since the trial started and it does exactly what it says it will do. A little loss every now and then, but overall and over time a very good system. Just like all they have to offer. Not only the systems, but the trust and help on other topics they are willing to share and help with. I would recommend any of their strategies. Check them out.... - P.M

I've been using Solaris as a support system in conjunction to make my decisions in long or shorting and thus far has been proven very helpful. I'm planning on using this after the trial is done. This system is well worth subscribing too! Highly recommended!!!!  - J.S     

I have been using Solaris as a decision support system while I monitor and review the back-trades. It is a very impressive system so far with positive results in live trading. I have purchased numerous systems in the past 20 years and Solaris is a definite winner.  - R.C.

I have never written a review on a strategy but this one I has impressed me enough to do so. Sal has let me try Solaris for the last several months and I have been trading it live. It has been profitable and so far the results are basically the same as the back testing.  - C.   

I have been following Solaris in a trial for some time now. The results are nothing short of amazing. I will be trading this live as soon as my trial ends. I did some backtesting also and it passes muster there also. Thanks for a great product Sal. -  J.D. 

I tend to be fairly skeptical of the strategies/systems I see offered on Strategy Network because it seems there is usually a serious underestimation of the real costs of the Commissions and Slippage by the developer. What initially looks like a viable systems often turns into a loser when it is backtested over 10 years using higher commissions and slippage. Whenever I test my own strategies I use $5 commission and $12.50, or $17.50 round-turn per contract. This may seem stringent, but at least if it passes muster this way, I know that it's a viable system I've developed. That said, I backtested this SOLARIS-ES v.1 strategy from 1997 to 2013 using $17.50 round-turn commission & slippage. It produced very good profits, exceeding any other system/strategy I have yet to come across on the Strategy Network. Real time trading doesn't equate to simulated backtesting, but if I had to risk my dime on any system/strategy, I'd put it on this one. - C.C.​