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Entry Logic – As soon as the Regular Trading Hours begin at 8:30 am Exchange Time in Chicago, ECLIPSE will begin to scan the futures prices in search for an entry pattern. When an opportunity arises, ECLIPSE will print an up arrow to signal a BUY or a down arrow to signal a SELL. The system will enter at a limit price and will stay with that position until the system’s automatically calculated profit target using a limit price is achieved, or there is a change in the signal, or the system’s automatically calculated stop has been triggered at market price, or the end of NYSE trading day has been reached at 3:00 pm CT. ECLIPSE will then automatically exit any open positions at the market price. There are no overnight trades.

Data - The system requires a minimum of 50 days of @ES.D data.

TradeStation 9.1
Version 9.1 (Update 25)

There is no user-defined inputs.


​It complements my trading. Even though it says applicable to ES only, I am experimenting with multiple symbols and so far my experience is great. This product complements my trading style, by finding other opportunities that are overlooked. I definitely recommend to at least try and see how it can fit into your overall trading needs. – RKMT.

Product Excellent. Eclipse is working for me. – G.

Consistent. In my opinion ECLIPSE is an excellent strategy for trading ES. – C.

Great product, highly recommend. This is a great product delivering consistent positive return. I have been used for about a month, the system works great, save me a lots of time. Performance is excellent, costumer service is also great! – D.C. 

Profitable Overall. Good customer support and over time there is definitely positive growth. - W

Great Product! Sophisticated product delivering consistent returns over time. Highly recommended! – Beto SP

Eclipse: Solid Product from a Solid Developer. Another fantastic system from a proven developer. Works well and great customer support. Highly recommended. – R.C

Nice Stats. Nice equity curve, consistent profits, and great customer service. – R.Z

Professionals at work. Sal & Orchid provide a highly professional service. Well programmed systems, best in class support and a monthly newsletter, incl. critical trading knowledge, which is worth to read line by line (and when you finished start from the beginning again)! Keep it up! – A.

First Rate Trading! I can not say enough on your products and your support, Both are over the top. – K.T.P

Very good system! Works great with Sal's other systems. Eclipse gives nice diversification if you use it with MOON-ES Recommended!! – Jani

Excellent system and customer service. Sal is always ready and willing to answer questions and share his results. - Mike

Great System. Very good strategy and great support! – WB

Consistent System. Backtesting shows a consistent system with a good risk/reward ratio.  - Michael.

Wow! Great system. I which I had bought sooner. Thanks Sal – R.E.

Very good strategy and great support! – Michael

Very consistent winning so far. In use going on 2-weeks now and I can report excellent results. This deserves 5-stars PLUS. - J.K.

Nice Strategy. This is a powerful strategy and Sal is very supportive at answering questions – H.B.

Great Idea and System. Another great idea. Nice approach and results. – TexFly

Great. Trading eminisp with calm and excellent results? This is ECLIPSE – E.S.

Sweet! Eclipse looks like it sits well amongst the developers other offerings such as Moon, adding to an impressive arsenal of products - P.W.

Product Excellent. Excellent system, the developer continues to demonstrate great ability.- Italy

Nice Product. A good addition to trading the es. - Team Ping.

Excellent Product. Very good product, and the developer is very quick and helpful.- RB

Another great product from a trustworthy developer –SMR 


ECLIPSE is a totally automated turn-key system for the busy executive. It is a plug-and-play system that requires no adjustments. In fact there are no User Inputs. The rationale for developing ECLIPSE was to empower the Trader by taking away his power!  We wanted the Traders to leave the system alone, in order to protect them from themselves. We took away the flexibility by removing all inputs, to prevent the traders from getting highly creative and destroying a good system. Therefore ECLIPSE is rigid. It is only for the S&P 500 e-mini.
It only works on 15 min regular bars and during regular hours. It knows when to get started, when to place trades, when to scratch them, when to turn around, when to take profit, where to place the stop, and when to quit for the day. You do not have to baby sit it; only to ensure that it stays connected.


E-mail us at info@starzbank.com  for details