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About Us

Jesse Livermore, considered the greatest trader that ever lived said that the fascinating game of speculation was not for the stupid, the mentally lazy, the emotionally unbalanced, or the get-rich-quick adventurer. The profits are easy to accept, so stay focused on the losing days. If you can tolerate them, you have the makings of a trader. For regulatory reasons, please view all data as hypothetical, and kindly read the disclosure at the bottom. We trade for a living. We know this business. We are transparent. Feel free to ask us anything.

The most important thing is to define your goals

What Really Matters

Realistic expectations

Robert Prechter who developed a new theory of finance said that most traders destroyed good

systems by trying to perfect them. We do not place importance on back-testing, walk-forward analysis, or even simulated results. All of that is just smoke-and-mirrors. Bringing you the truth through our live results is our hallmark. 

With backgrounds in trading, finance, computer science, aerospace engineering, artificial intelligence, telecommunications, and classical technical analysis as well as peripheral concepts such as fractals, Fibonacci, Gann, wave, cycles, astrology, numerology, signal processing, and chaos theory,

the dedicated researchers at StarzBank have been developing forecasting models for International financial institutions for over 25 years.

​​​​For complete live performance report, E-mail us at info@starzbank.com